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"Having a taste is more than having a mind" - Onore de Balzac

Having taste in my profession is only a part, the interior designer is a very thin psychologist, because it is necessary to understand and implement all the wishes of the customer, which he sometimes and himself is not.


A design project is a complex work that requires high responsibility, calculation and practical, you can even say, a certain way of life I. It is really hard work, because it is necessary to think absolutely everything, up to the smallest details of the future room, creating one integrity and complete completion of paintings E. All works should be carefully planned, estimates carefully calculated, technical decisions - made and implemented, plans - punctually fulfilled Y. if you break anything, the result can become very unpleasant


Thanks to the design project, you have the opportunity to see your apartment, cottage or office before the construction slave starts It is a well-designed, planned and visualized concept of the future resolved Additionally, working drawings are developed under the supervision of engineers, and consumables are drawn up T. The experienced specialist performs full maintenance of all planned works in stages, makes the necessary revisions, directs the work of the construction bodies Each individual stage is agreed with the customer


"Design Studio of Eugenia Grande" - works on the market of design services since 2010. The company has earned its authority, trust of clients thanks to persistent work, improvement of its skills and walking in step with the times, based on the latest developments of the market of hotel, construction materials and modern technological achievements

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